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Zero Fucks Given Tracklist

  1. Intro Skit 124 BPM D# KEY
  2. Survivor 130 BPM D KEY
  3. Muhammad Ali 150 BPM Fm KEY
  4. Presteren Skit 78 BPM F# KEY
  5. Presteren 105 BPM F#m KEY
  6. Ze Weten Van Je 103 BPM Am KEY
  7. Vies 105 BPM B KEY
  8. Barman 108 BPM Am KEY
  9. The Plug Skit 106 BPM G KEY
  10. Mini Me 103 BPM Bm KEY
  11. Million Dollar Dream 75 BPM B KEY
  12. Outro Skit 84 BPM E KEY
  13. Woah - Bonus Track 105 BPM Bm KEY

Songs with the Same Am Key

  1. Inequação by Kléber Albuquerque from Tratore Basics 3: New Brazilian Songwriting
  2. What Is Love 2K9 - Cansis Remix by Klaas from JimmyZ Presents 4Play, Vol. 9
  3. What is love 2K9 - Bodybangers Remix by Klaas from What Is Love 2K9
  4. What Is Love 2K9 - Bodybangers Remix by Klaas from What Is Love 2K9
  5. What Is Love - Bodybangers Remix by Klaas from What Is Love 2K9
  6. What Is Love - Cansis Remix by Klaas from What Is Love 2K9
  7. What is love 2K9 - Cansis Remix by Klaas from What Is Love 2K9
  8. What is Love - Cansis Remix by Klaas from Skitzmix 33
  9. Our Own Way - Klaas Flow Mix by Klaas from Our Own Way
  10. We Are Free - Bodybangers Remix Edit by Klaas from Progressive House Sensation - Spring Break Edition (Mixed by CombiNation)
  11. Awaken Me by KLAASTAD from You Look Like Freedom
  12. Sometimes - Original Mix by Klaide from Back To Basic EP
  13. Just Give - Niko Favata Remix by Klaide from Just Give
  14. Obobo by Klajdi Haruni from Kenga Magjike 2015, Vol. 1
  15. Stjarnor by Klamm from Neon
  16. Latigo by Klan Music from Latigo
  17. Convenience by Klang Kiste from Firestone Chillhouse & Lounge
  18. Interlude by Klang Kiste from Different Faces
  19. Better Days by Klangbausteine from 10.000 Meilen unter dem Meer, Vol. 6
  20. So Much Joy - Luca Secco Remix by Klangbausteine from Two Years Eisenwaren
  21. Vorstadttrommel by Klangdelikt from My Future Sound of Ambient
  22. Elecktronickum by Klangdelikt from Elecktronickum
  23. Delusions by Klangdelikt from My Future Sound of Ambient
  24. Cozy Stuttgart Nights by Klangdelikt from Cozy Stuttgart Nights
  25. Santiago 1010 KHZ by Klangfamilie from Tech Triggers
  26. Santiago 1010 kHz by Klangfamilie from Tech House Summer Selection
  27. All Along the Watchtower ( Karaoke Version ) - Originally performed by Bob Dylan by Klangheim Karaoke Band from Karaoke Band Club (Vol 1)
  28. All Eyes On You by Klangkarussell from Netzwerk (Deluxe)
  29. Celebrate by Klangkarussell from Netzwerk (Deluxe)
  30. Hey Maria - Parov Stelar Remix by Klangkarussell from Hey Maria - EP
  31. Circuits by Klangkarussell from Circuits
  32. In The Crowd Alone by Klangkarussell from In The Crowd Alone
  33. Alone in the Street by Klangkosmetiker from Chalet Beats N°1 (Maierl Alm)
  34. Caballo by Klangkosmetiker from GaGa in da House, Vol. 10 (Summer 15)
  35. Hand in Hand by Klangkuenstler from #afterhour, Volume 3
  36. Feel The Power - Original Mix by Klangkuenstler from Simma Black Presents Ibiza 2016
  37. 1990 by Klangkuenstler from That's Me
  38. Hand in Hand - Sui Generis Remix by Klangkuenstler from Hand in Hand - Single
  39. Darling by Klangkuenstler from Darling/Tuba Libre
  40. Goldblaeserdirigentin - Drauf & Dran Remix by Klangkuenstler from Goldblaeserdirigentin
  41. Spiel mir das Lied vom Glück by Klangkuenstler from Glücks EP
  42. Spiel mir das Lied vom Glück - Geschwister Schumann Remix by Klangkuenstler from Glücks EP
  43. Hand In Hand by Klangkuenstler from That's Me
  44. We Need Love - TR352 by Klangkuenstler from Toolroom Radio EP352 - Presented by Mark Knight
  45. Zirkusente by Klangkuenstler from Ibiza's House of House
  46. Nur wenn sie tanzt - Remix by Klangpoet from Nur wenn sie tanzt (Remix)
  47. God Grant's - Radio Edit by Klangquelle from Beach Grooves
  48. God Grants - Original Mix by Klangquelle from Clubland, Vol. 9
  49. Expeditions - Original Mix by Klangrausch from Expeditions
  50. Sit & Talk - Original Mix by Klangrausch from Expeditions
  51. Expeditions by Klangrausch from Summer Magic
  52. Leidseplein by Klangriket from The Amsterdam Sessions
  53. You Came by Klangschwester from Voyage Sauvage, Vol. 2
  54. Now & Then (Pseudo Me Remix) by Klangschwester from Style of Sound, Vol. 1
  55. Tomorrow or Now - Irregular Disco Workers Remix by Klangschwester from Tomorrow or Now Remixes
  56. Now and Then - Go Satta Remix by Klangschwester from Now and Then Remixes
  57. Tease Me - Karl Gruender Remix by Klangschwester from Tomorrow or Now Remixes
  58. Now and Then - Pseudo Me Remix by Klangschwester from Now and Then Remixes
  59. With You by Klangspieler from Zirkus Zirkus, Vol. 15 - Elektronische Tanzmusik
  60. Running by Klangspieler from Awesome Dance Music, Vol. 1
  61. These Days by Klangstein from Le voyage abstrait presents Vargo
  62. Deep Dive by KLANGSTEIN from Dolce Far Niente, Vol. 1 (Compiled & Mixed by Serge Kraplya)
  63. Deepdive by Klangstein from Le Cafe Abstrait, Vol. 7 (Compiled By Raphael Marionneau)
  64. These Days (2015) by KLANGSTEIN from Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Vol. 8 (Compiled by DJ Nartak)
  65. These Days 2015 by KLANGSTEIN from Orbit
  66. Deepdive (Reprise) by KLANGSTEIN from Orbit
  67. Let It Go by KLANGSTEIN from Orbit
  68. These Days by KLANGSTEIN from Schalldeluxe Episode 1 (Compiled & Mixed By Klangstein)
  69. Deep Dive - Tim Angrave Mix by KLANGSTEIN from Deep Dive (The Singles)
  70. Deepdive by KLANGSTEIN from Resturlaub 2.0
  71. Deep Dive - Ambient Mix by KLANGSTEIN from Deep Dive (The Singles)
  72. Deep Dive - Reprise by KLANGSTEIN from Deep Dive (The Singles)
  73. Amansworld by Klangstof from Close Eyes to Exit
  74. The Lows Will Keep You High Enough by Klangstof from Everest
  75. Ignore Me by Klangstof from Close Eyes to Exit
  76. Eternia - DJ Borra Remix by Klangtraeumer from Abstract 150 Special Edition
  77. Different Morals by Klangwald from Not That Simple Sound, Vol. 11 - Premium Lounge and Downtempo Moods
  78. Pappenheimer by Klangwelt 3000 from Lost in Tech-House, Vol. 3
  79. Sun Goes Down by Klangwelt 3000 from Savoir Vivre, Vol. 4 - A Deep-House Lifestyle
  80. Flamenco Trip by Klangwelt 3000 from Tingel Tangel, Vol. 5 - Tech House Session!
  81. Relax by Klangwelt 3000 from Tretmuehle Pres. a Beautiful World, Vol. 17
  82. Prologue by Klangwuerfel from Chill Out Summer 2010
  83. Unë veç ata pe du by Klani Shqiptarë from Bac nuk u kry
  84. Delight by Klankman from Club Radio Nightowl Electro House, Vol. 2
  85. Another Dimension by Klankman from Another Dimension
  86. Don't Let Me Go by Klankman from Don't Let Me Go
  87. New Jersey by Klankman from Another Dimension
  88. Golden Surfer by Klankman from Let There Be House
  89. Rashond by Klankman from Klankman TH02
  90. travel by Klankveld from trieb
  91. Goldene Haut - Instrumental Edit by Klaos from How Deep Is Your House?, Vol. 2
  92. Goldene Haut by Klaos from ADE Amsterdam Afterhour 2016
  93. F - Le gouffre by F from Marche arrière
  94. Ucaly - Original by F from Balearic Chill House, Vol.02
  95. Cause An Effect by F from Live In Poland 2011
  96. Burned Down by F from Naked
  97. Gang Gang Interlude by F from Endle$$ $Ummer
  98. Three Million Man by F De Funk from Welcome to Miami : 30 Sizzling Dance Trax
  99. Three Brunel Crossings: III. Clifton by F L Dunkin Wedd from Like Water and Like Wind: F L Dunkin Wedd
  100. Cheddar Breeds Jealousy by F M H from Cheddar Breeds Jealousy
  101. Your loving arms - Original mix by F Physical from Le Son Des Plages 2015
  102. I Want U - Original Mix by F U S E R from Deep House Essentials, Vol. 2
  103. (High Ranking) Government Official by F Word from Greg Hetson Presents Posh Boy's Punk Pogo Party
  104. Government Official by F Word from Beach Blvd.
  105. Transitory Dispositions by F-14 from Leaving Earth
  106. Red Night Party by F-Beats from Electric Station - New Year Best EDM 2017
  107. Red Night Party - Original Mix by F-Beats from IBIZA: HOT Summer
  108. Mania by F-Beats from Best EDM Electro House 2017
  109. Chicas Locas by F-Cuba from Unico Camino
  110. Sweetest Hangover by F-Dub from The Lovey Dubby Show
  111. Oyeo - 2010 Late Night Mix by F-Junior from Sun Picks Vol. 3
  112. World Iz A Ghetto by F-T from The Battlefield... Street Album Vol.3
  113. Saved by F. Allen Dickinson from 6.1.4
  114. Before I Die (Demo) by F. Allen Dickinson from 6.1.4
  115. Summertime by F. Ambrosetti, T. Lang, H. Känzig, P.Schmidlin from Live At The Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich
  116. Lacreme napulitane by F. Bongiovanni from Neapolitan Songs
  117. Fallobst by F. D. Schmid from Hotel Harakiri - Falsche Männer in falschen Etagen
  118. Just Like This by F. I. T. A. from Dancetool Top 40 (Traxx Deejay Pack)
  119. Dancer by F. J. from Dancing
  120. Black Night Woman by F. J. McMahon from Spirit of the Golden Juice
  121. Licht im Dunkeln by F. Lausch from TSOE (The Sound of Electronica), Vol. 2
  122. The Wall by F. Noize from Dominator The Hardcore Festival - Methods Of Mutilation
  123. The Wall - Edit by F. Noize from Decibel Outdoor 2016
  124. The Wall (feat. Rob Gee, The Motordogs) - Edit Version by F. Noize from Dominator 2016: Methods of Mutilation
  125. Your Loving Arms - Original Mix by F. Physical from House And Deep House Culture PT 1
  126. Your Loving Arms by F. Physical from Agua de Tenerife - La Selección
  127. Tarantella (George St. Kids Remix) - George St. Kids Remix by F. Secci from Tarantella
  128. Bout That Life by F. Virtue from Trill Cunningham
  129. Infinity - Radio by F. Zeta from Sound Hits Ibiza Winter 2015 (85 Essential Top Hits EDM for DJ)
  130. Infinity - Extended by F. Zeta from Best of Dance 2004, Vol. 1 (The Very Best of Italo Dance and Euro Dance 2004)
  131. XP 14 by Magic Malik Orchestra from XP-2
  132. Xpandau - TR401 by Lorenz Rhode from Toolroom Radio EP401 - Presented By Mark Knight
  133. Xperience - Album Cut by Max Gueli from Addictivation
  134. Xperience - Alfonso Muchacho Remix Album Cut by Max Gueli from Addictive Sounds: Contact
  135. Xpress by Ivan Project from System Project EP
  136. 2P solo by Nerone from Entertainer
  137. Epè (feat. Chris Vinstino) by Jackson Chery from Heart Transplant
  138. Epílogo by Intro from Melismas
  139. Epílogo (Você) by Skore from Colisão
  140. Epanastatis by Onirama from Best Of Us
  141. Epapses Agapi Na Thimizis - Live by Stelios Rokkos from In Rock
  142. EPE - Original Remix by Mart+n P3r3z from Hardcore Pleasure (2018 Electronic Club Music Mix)
  143. Epectase by Meyso from M.A.J
  144. Ephémère by NX from Wanted : NX
  145. Ephedrine Panther - dipaziv Remix by Alex ll Martinenko from Techno PureFecto, Vol. 1
  146. Ephemeral by Nico Pusch from Deeper Variance, Vol. 6
  147. 겨울이오면 거의가이드 冬が来たら by Cradle Orchestra from BEST OF GOLDEN WORKS - Music is the answer -
  148. Szívek by Pain from Mesél Az Élet
  149. Szállj by Marcel from Cirrus Maximus
  150. Szám by Lajkó Félix from Vetettem Gyöngyöt (Világzene Magyarországon 1972-2006)


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