Cool Kids BPM Key Todiefor | Ultratop Hit Connection 2018.1

Ultratop Hit Connection 2018.1 Tracklist

  1. Hit Sale 82 BPM A KEY
  2. Wolves 125 BPM Bm KEY
  3. Whatever It Takes 135 BPM A#m KEY
  4. Crazy 115 BPM Bm KEY
  5. Échame La Culpa 96 BPM G KEY
  6. Breathe 126 BPM Bm KEY
  7. I Miss You - Radio Edit 105 BPM D# KEY
  8. Anywhere 107 BPM Bm KEY
  9. Viens on s’aime 109 BPM Cm KEY
  10. Voler de nuit 126 BPM Am KEY
  11. The Middle 107 BPM G KEY
  12. Stargazing 99 BPM F KEY
  13. Katchi 125 BPM Bm KEY
  14. Naked 102 BPM F# KEY
  15. Dreamer 126 BPM Gm KEY
  16. Désaccordé 150 BPM C#m KEY
  17. Pour aller où ? 107 BPM Bm KEY
  18. Si t'étais là 94 BPM F#m KEY
  19. Bob Marley 90 BPM A#m KEY
  20. What Lovers Do 110 BPM Fm KEY
  21. Sick Boy 180 BPM Bm KEY
  22. Bum Bum Tam Tam 132 BPM C# KEY
  23. Salé 142 BPM C# KEY
  24. Hide Away 114 BPM C#m KEY
  25. Tip Toe 98 BPM Gm KEY
  26. So Far Away 149 BPM F#m KEY
  27. Taboo 125 BPM Cm KEY
  28. Best Friend 102 BPM B KEY
  29. We Could Go Back 100 BPM G# KEY
  30. Dommage - Radio Edit 83 BPM Am KEY
  31. Diarabi 101 BPM Cm KEY
  32. Les rues de ma peine 148 BPM A# KEY
  33. All Falls Down 98 BPM C# KEY
  34. Hurtin' Me 203 BPM C KEY
  35. Drôle de question 84 BPM A KEY
  36. Lundi 118 BPM A#m KEY
  37. Wait 126 BPM G# KEY
  38. Je tire 100 BPM Em KEY
  39. Too Good At Goodbyes 92 BPM F KEY
  40. Beautiful Trauma 96 BPM G KEY
  41. In The Mood 100 BPM C# KEY
  42. Cool Kids 100 BPM F#m KEY

Songs with the Same F#m Key

  1. OJ by Jeezy from Get It Right
  2. OJ by Jeezy from TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition
  3. OJ by Jeezy from TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition (Deluxe)
  4. OJ by Jeezy from TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition
  5. OJ by Skrap 4rm Dekalb from No Talkin
  6. OJ - Album Version (Edited) by Jeezy from TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition
  7. Oj dora me kanë by Violeta Kajtazi from Oj dora me kanë
  8. Oj Lulaj, Lulaj by Anna Maria Jopek from Polanna
  9. Oj U Poli by Laboratorium Pieśni from Rosna
  10. Oj, polna karabuška by Karel Gott from Komplet 19 / '77 (+bonusy)
  11. Oj, Polna Karabuška - Bonus Track by Karel Gott from '77 (Bonus Track Version)
  12. Ojalá Que No Puedas by Dalila from Alta Fiesta 13 Santafesino
  13. Ojas - Subconscious Remix by Soul Button from Ojas
  14. Ojea con Ojeras by Picatoste from Aullidos De Un Geomante
  15. Ojitos Cafe by Omar from Llevame Contigo
  16. Ojitos Negros by Oveja Negra from Ayer Y Hoy
  17. Ojitos Verdes by Banda de Viento Ilusión 3 from 20 Exitos
  18. Ojo Rojo by Sebo K from Catalyst
  19. Ojoni Wopio - Commentary by Owiny Sigoma Band from Nyanza (Commentary)
  20. Ojos Así - En Vivo by Shakira from Shakira MTV Unplugged
  21. Ojos Así - Live by Shakira from Live & Off The Record
  22. Ojos Así - Meme's 2001 Nights Long Mix by Shakira from 1, 2, 3 Let's Dance
  23. Ojos Colorcito Miel by Manuel Luces from Regueton de Venezuela
  24. Ojos de Diablo by Zof Ziro from Not Cumbia: A Guide To Colombia's Hip Hop Scene
  25. Ojos De Terciopelo by Antonio Birabent from Fuck You
  26. Ojos Malignos / Regalo N. 1 by Nueva Trova Cubana from Amor de Millones
  27. Ojos Malignos/Regalo # 1 by Augusto Blanca from 30 años nueva trova cubana
  28. Ojos Sin Luz by Maria Dolores Pradera from Chavela Vargas y María Dolores Pradera
  29. Oju by Las Ninas from Las 101 canciones - Cinco décadas de Pop Español
  30. Yi Dian Guang (Shine A Light) by Alan Tam from Yi Dian Guang Shine A Light
  31. Yi Jian Mei by Fei Yu-ching from Fei Yu Qing Greatest Hits
  32. Yi Qi Bian Shi Zui Hao by Andy Hui from Wo De Tian Wo De Ge
  33. Yibaneh Hamikdash by Moti Weiss from Yibaneh Hamikdash
  34. Yich bondié by Freedom from Holy Caribbean Street
  35. Yield to the Holy Ghost by Gloria from Re-Pentecost in Honor of the Holy Ghost
  36. Yield Turn Out by Midnite from Treasure
  37. Yiharw! by Two Hawks from The Best Of Theracords 2009
  38. Yiken (feat. Nitro) by Remedy from EMPIRE Presents: Yike 4 Life
  39. Yikirta Lemminalehu by Hailu Mergia from Tche Belew
  40. Yim' Conductor by Shisaboy from AMPM Presents Shisaboy
  41. Yimanya [ASOT 309] - Digital Nature Remix by Filterheadz from A State Of Trance Episode 309
  42. Yin - Alvaro AM Remix by Karretero from Yin
  43. Yin - Original Club Mix by Wolfgang Gartner from Toolroom Ten
  44. Yin - Original Club Mix by Francis Prève from Toolroom Knights Mixed By Joachim Garraud
  45. Yin & Yang by Nifik from Brilliance Is Bliss
  46. Yin & Yang by Tenny from Yin & Yang
  47. Yin and the Yang by Mr. Grevis from My Escape
  48. Yin Yang (Originally Performed by Dappy) [Karaoke Version] by The Hip Hop Nation from Hip Hop & Rap Madhouse
  49. Yine Yeşillendi Niğde Bağları by Nurettin Şenerman from Taş Plak Nostalji Serisi, Vol. 12 (Türk Halk Müziği)
  50. Yine Yine by Agongo from I Am Suffering
  51. Ying by Twist3d from Ying / Yang
  52. Ying & The Yang by Pitbull from The Boatlift
  53. Ying and the Yang by Pitbull from Boatlift
  54. Yinglo - Original Mix by Juanmy.R from Choice Cuts Vol. 004 Mixed by Karlos Cheadle
  55. Yiole by Boni Gnahoré from Africa Non-stop
  56. Yiri Yiri Bon by Beny Moré from Grandes Éxitos de Beny Moré
  57. Yittè by Youssou N'Dour from Africa Rekk (Réédition)
  58. Progression (feat. Sojourn, Freddie Bruno) by Afaar from Eoe Classics, Vol. 3
  59. Age of the MC (feat. NomiS) by Afaar from Art of Word
  60. Muevelo by Afaltino from Fah Yah Riddim
  61. La Konecta Medechil (feat. Jam Beat, Chumbeque & Pascal) by Afaz Natural from Temor 2014
  62. Reggae Hip Hop Sin Estres (feat. Next Fhya) by Afaz Natural from Temor 2014
  63. Drama by Afaz Natural from Un Rude Bwoy en el Ghetto
  64. Ando Pasandola by Afaz Natural from Todo a Su Tiempo
  65. Music Es Lo Que Hay by Afaz Natural from Todo a Su Tiempo
  66. Bodydrummin (feat. Osunlade) by Afefe Iku from 4 To The Floor Volume 02
  67. Mirror Dance - Mixed by Afefe Iku from Defected In The House Radio Show Episode 051 (hosted by Sam Divine)
  68. Bodydrummin by Afefe Iku from Mix The Vibe: Osunlade (Digital Edition)
  69. Veritas - Thyladomid Remix by Affect from Visceral 051
  70. 12.Мне Нравится by Affect from Аффекто-Мело-Психо-Камеди-Драматургия (LP)
  71. 18.Питер-Ебург by Affect from Аффекто-Мело-Психо-Камеди-Драматургия (LP)
  72. Horizon - original mix by Affi Koman from Hello Dj volume 1
  73. The Final Countdown by Affiance from The Final Countdown
  74. Trash Bag Money Remix (feat. Uncle Murda, Styles P & Sheek Louch) by Affiliate from Abandoned Tracks
  75. Invisible Man - Martin Eyerer Remix by AFFKT from Berlin Summer Vol. 1 - Underground Deep House Sounds
  76. Songrat by AFFKT from Vienna Fashion Week, Vol. 1
  77. Twice - Kiki Remix by AFFKT from Sense Of House, Vol. 27
  78. Nit Magica - Original Mix by AFFKT from Best Of 2010
  79. Sabroso by AFFKT from Budenzauber Pres. Deep Underground, Vol. 19
  80. Hemanjai - Negru Remix by AFFKT from Barcelona My Love, Vol.1 - House Music from Catalonia
  81. Fixate - Original Mix by AFFKT from Bittersweet EP
  82. San Diego (Album Version) by AFFKT from Son of a Thousand Sounds
  83. Orquesta Peculiar - Original Mix by AFFKT from Punto 0 Album
  84. Banano - German Brigante Remix by AFFKT from Banano Remixed
  85. Grandiosa - Original Mix by AFFKT from Punto 0 Album
  86. Kadenzaffkt - Original Mix by AFFKT from Punto 0 Album
  87. Sabroso - Original Mix by AFFKT from Punto 0 Album
  88. Kadenzaffkt by AFFKT from Kesselhaus Compilation A
  89. Pitaya by AFFKT from Tech House Summer Essentials 2012
  90. Grandiosa by AFFKT from Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days
  91. Causa e Efeito by Affonsinho from Bossa Dubas Vol. 3 - Posto 9
  92. In the Hills by Afghankillaa from Part One
  93. The New Patron Saints And Angels by AFI from Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
  94. Rewind by AFI from Burials
  95. ...but home is nowhere/non-Musical Silence/Dialogue (AFI/Sing The Sorrow)/This Time Imperfect by AFI from Sing The Sorrow (UK Version)
  96. The Sinking Night by AFI from Burials
  97. A Single Second - Live From Long Beach Arena by AFI from I Heard A Voice (Live From Long Beach Arena)
  98. Of Greetings And Goodbyes by AFI from The Art Of Drowning
  99. God Called In Sick Today - Live From Long Beach Arena by AFI from I Heard A Voice (Live From Long Beach Arena)
  100. Shatty Fatmas by AFI from Very Proud of Ya
  101. ...but home is nowhere by AFI from Sing The Sorrow
  102. ...but home is nowhere by AFI from Sing The Sorrow
  103. The Great Disappointment by AFI from Sing The Sorrow
  104. Gleam Eyes by AFK from Disconnected
  105. Mano Negra by AFK from Electro Afro Funky Sound (The Best)
  106. The Little Man from the Mountain by AFK from Electro Afro Funky Sound (The Best)
  107. The Little Man From The Mountain by AFK from Electro Afro Funky Sound 04
  108. Explode by AFK from Cloud Kingdom
  109. Dreamcache - Original by AFK from Dreamcache
  110. Hættu að hringja í mig by Afkvæmi guðanna from Gemsar
  111. Street Code Master (feat. Lil Yase) by Aflacko from ForDaGang
  112. Sprayed - Original Mix by Afonso Maia from Winter Time EP
  113. Wild Bounce by AFRA from Heart Beat
  114. 木漏れ日の中の21世紀 - Original Ver. by AFRA from Heart Beat
  116. I'm Not A Fighter by Afraid Of Mice from Afraid Of Mice
  117. Kill Mama - Original mix by Afran (Italy) from Tech Zero Extreme - Vol 17
  118. Adisturbanceinthefunk by Afreakwent from Funky Disco House Grooves, Vol. 09
  119. Let's Rock by Afriat from Colours Of Green, Vol. 5
  120. Interview 2 by Africa Bambaattaa from Old School Rap (Live)
  121. Do U Really Wanna Fight (Instrumental) by Africa HiTech from Do U Really Wanna Fight
  122. Concerta II by IY from Further Gone
  123. Plastic Smile by Iya Champs from Mirror Talk Riddim
  124. Funeral Nuh Cheap - Instrumental by Iya Champs from Funeral Nuh Cheap
  125. Cheat by Iya Champs from Money Me a Look Riddim
  126. Keep Yuh Secret by Iya Champs from Mildew Riddim
  127. Love is Crucial by Iya Terra from Iya Terra EP
  128. Countdown - Original Mix by Iyal Noor from EDM Anthems Vol. 08
  129. It's A Go by Iyara from Star Check Riddim
  130. No Gold Spoon by Iyara from Follow Me Then Riddim
  131. Hustle Hard by Iyara from Bad World Riddim
  132. Hustle Hard by Iyara from Bad World Riddim
  133. Legal by Iyara from Tie & Dye Riddim
  134. Replay - Ruff Loadez Club Mix by Iyaz from Dance Workout
  135. Island Girl by Iyaz from Fruhits 2 la passion
  136. Island Girls by Iyaz from Island Girls (feat. Diction Shottah)
  137. Island Girl (feat. Diction) by Iyaz from Passion Zouk 2010
  138. When I See You(feat) Maxx by iYerl from Tuned in, Pt. 2
  139. Gone by IYES from Part Two
  140. Lions by IYES from Part One
  141. Euphoria - Original Mix by IYF from Euphoria
  142. Euphoria 2K14 - Roxie Remix by IYF from Euphoria 2K14 (Roxie Remix)
  143. Puppet by IYF from Go Hard Digital Bundle 1
  144. All About The Music - Original Mix by IYF from All About The Music
  145. Last One Standing (170 Edit) by IYF from Last One Standing (170 Edit)
  146. Londinium by GT from Baroque Journal 2014
  147. Crazy About You by Bobby Womack from Crazy About You
  148. Baby I'm A Queen by Sofi Tukker from Treehouse
  149. Best For Last (feat. Walk The Moon) - The Knocks 55.5 VIP Mix by The Knocks from Best For Last (feat. Walk The Moon) [The Knocks 55.5 VIP Mix]
  150. THat Part by ScHoolboy Q from Blank Face LP


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