Danstaal BPM Key Netkids | Kidszone Zomer 2018

Kidszone Zomer 2018 Tracklist

  1. Beautiful Trauma 96 BPM G KEY
  2. Échame La Culpa 96 BPM C KEY
  3. Ik Heb De Wereld 98 BPM Bm KEY
  4. Crazy 115 BPM Bm KEY
  5. Remind Me 128 BPM Bm KEY
  6. All Falls Down 98 BPM C# KEY
  7. Fan 98 BPM G# KEY
  8. Stargazing 99 BPM F KEY
  9. rockstar 160 BPM Fm KEY
  10. Rapport 117 BPM A# KEY
  11. Mind Made Up 96 BPM D# KEY
  12. Despacito 178 BPM D KEY
  13. Dusk Till Dawn - Radio Edit 180 BPM Bm KEY
  14. Tell Me You Love Me 82 BPM F# KEY
  15. So Far Away 149 BPM F#m KEY
  16. Loterij 100 BPM F KEY
  17. What Lovers Do 110 BPM Fm KEY
  18. Skin 171 BPM C KEY
  19. Danstaal 124 BPM Em KEY
  20. Breathe 145 BPM Fm KEY
  21. Bedroom Floor 120 BPM C# KEY
  22. Know You Better 98 BPM F# KEY
  23. Mi Gente 105 BPM Bm KEY
  24. Mama 104 BPM Bm KEY
  25. Dreamer 126 BPM Gm KEY
  26. Lil Craney 152 BPM A# KEY
  27. A Million Ways 95 BPM Cm KEY
  28. Catch Up 190 BPM Bm KEY
  29. You Don't Have To Like It 124 BPM G# KEY
  30. Let Me Go 103 BPM G# KEY
  31. Thumbs 135 BPM G# KEY
  32. Buckle Up 192 BPM B KEY
  33. Blijf Bij Mij 98 BPM D# KEY
  34. Miss You 180 BPM D# KEY
  35. Okido 125 BPM C KEY
  36. Breathe 126 BPM Bm KEY
  37. Strangers 115 BPM Em KEY
  38. Disco Oma 133 BPM D KEY
  39. Arms Open 176 BPM D# KEY
  40. Slow Down 105 BPM C# KEY
  41. Coming Home 144 BPM E KEY
  42. Selfish 100 BPM C#m KEY
  43. Op Me Monnie 111 BPM G# KEY
  44. Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie 95 BPM F#m KEY
  45. Man's Not Hot 135 BPM C KEY
  46. JA! 95 BPM Bm KEY

Songs with the Same Em Key

  1. Potato by Ipanov from Electronica - The Grooves, Vol. 4
  2. Substance by Ipcus Pinecone from Ipcus Pinecone
  3. Sleep On by Ipersensational from The Temple of House Music
  4. Sleep On by Ipersensationals from House Candy: Soul Clubbing (20 Glittering House Trax)
  5. Sleep On - Original Mix by Ipersensationals from Deep House Miami
  6. Terra by IPI from Electrica Fiesta 3 - Latin Flavoured Techhouse Tracks
  7. Ipotocaticac by Ipotocaticac from Goa - Psytrance Party - 100 Tracks
  8. Young Energy by Ippu Mitsui from Talk to Myself
  9. Gray Zone by Ippu Mitsui from L + R
  10. Not Cocky! by Iproph from Bad Apple
  11. Mystery Fiction by Ipsilon from Global Ritmico Sessions #7 By David Phillips
  12. Satisfaction2 by iPunk from Satisfaction2 - Single
  13. Satisfaction2 - Casino Gold Remix by iPunk from CRUX Greatest Hits Vol. 5 - Evolution
  14. Attack by iPunk from Attack
  15. Trend Monsta - Trend Mix by iPunkz from Trend Monsta (Trend Mix)
  16. Trend Monsta - Original Mix by iPunkz from Trend Monsta Ep
  17. Mendem Welas by Iput from Lembaran Anyar
  18. Sing Duwe Rumongso by Iput from Lembaran Anyar
  19. Cwm Rhymni by Penderyn from Gorau Gwerin / The Best Of Welsh Folk Music
  20. Cwtw (Communicate With The World) - The World Remix by Erick Decks from Cwtw (Communicate With The World)
  21. Whine It Slow (Remix) [feat. Sona] by BM from Whine It Slow (Remix) [feat. Sona]
  22. Aware by Bmacthequeen from Black Engli$H
  23. Pray Enough by Bmbshl from Bmbshl
  24. J'Aurais Du Rester Couché by BMC from Cirque Vicieux
  25. Late Nite Treatment by Bmc Boyz from Love, Life, & Sex
  26. You Know Us (Bun B-Blue Davinci-) by BMF - Street Certified from BMF Street Certified
  27. It's On by BMG from Game Changer
  28. 2 Faces (feat. Maribelle) by Bmike from 2 Faces (feat. Maribelle)
  29. Winds of a Scorched Earth by BMK from Skeleton Songs: a Collection of Late Night Demos
  30. Won't Stop for Water by BMK from Trip Report
  31. Jazz Tone - Qumulus Remix by BMK from Uptown, Jazz Tone
  32. Through the Night (And Beyond) by BMK from Skeleton Songs: a Collection of Late Night Demos
  33. Petrify by BMK & City Kings from Echoes
  34. Hello Zombie - Original Mix by BMM from Showcase 2.1
  35. Sublime by BMO from Inside My Mind
  36. Mojo (Interlude) by BMO from Inside My Mind
  37. On 80 by BMOC from Sparkplug
  38. Hello Again - Instrumental Version by Bmonde from Electro House Giants, Vol. 7
  39. Tekken by BMotion from Drum & Bass Annual 2017 (Viper Presents)
  40. Alwan Theology by BMS from Mix Songs
  41. Natphatdeh Phoesar by BMS from Mix Songs
  42. Dot to Dot by BMX Bandits from An Alternative Guide to Indie Pop
  43. Suddenly by Bmystireo from Rare - EP
  44. In the Valley by A4 from A4: Changes
  45. 2Ci by Zalenka from Reason: Soundscapes & Instrumentals
  46. Feel It - Original Mix by M4tti from Miami Deep House Essentials 2017 (Deluxe Version)
  47. L8r by trench from MLT
  48. 7A by Ska from Dirty Feeling
  49. 7ème resurrection - Version instrumentale by Prince Fellaga from The Classics (Instrumental)
  50. 7ans - Dub by Linus K from Gothenburg
  51. 7ans - Man.api Remix by Linus K from Gothenburg Remixed
  52. 7ans - Maxizulu Hypno Dub by Linus K from Gothenburg
  53. 7ans - The 8th Era Remix by Linus K from Gothenburg
  54. Between the lips (50cm) by IU from Modern Times
  55. Before - Dennis Cruz & Iuliano Mambo Remix by Iuliano Mambo from The Dirty Party - Selected By Jeremy Bass
  56. Redrum909 - Cumsecade 'Reconstruction' Remastered Mix by Iuly.B from Tzinah Best Of 5 Years
  57. Time Traveller - Original Mix by Iuly.B from Surreal Experience EP
  58. Yeogi Wassup by IUV from Yeogi Wassup
  59. c1 by Covesthur from Best of - Underline
  60. C1 by Alf from Method C
  61. C13 H16 N2 O2 by Enjoy the Massacre from In Time You Will Understand
  62. C14 by Reig from Meatsteel 1-6
  63. C17H21NO4 by Twitchin Skratch from C17H21NO4
  64. C17H21NO4 - Original Mix by Twitchin Skratch from C17H21NO4
  65. Dla Ś.P. Grubego by Bilon HG from 3 x Nie
  66. Dla miłości - Wersja akustyczna by Łzy from The Best Of Łzy
  67. Dla Niego by Kayah from Yakayakayah
  68. Dla Pewnego Swego by Paktofonika from Archiwum Kinematografii
  69. Dlaczego Dzis Nie Pisze Nikt Takich Piosenek by Krzysztof Krawczyk from Wesolych Swiat z Gwiazdkowych Kart - Polski Songbook I Koledy
  70. Dlaczego Nie Bossa by Maciej Zielinski from Sounds of Love-Muzyka Miłością Pisana
  71. Dlaczego Nikt Nie Napisał Mi Romansu by Irena Santor from Punkt Widzenia
  72. DLB (feat. David O'Donovan) by David O'Donovan from DLB
  73. DLG by Alonzo from DLG
  74. Dlk by Dashman from Last Piece of the Game
  75. Dlouha chvile by Lenka Dusilová from Lenka Dusilova
  76. Dlouhej déšť by Josef Laufer from Josef Laufer v roce 1969 / Josef Laufer ve 1/4 3
  77. Dlouhej Déšť by Josef Laufer from Josef Laufer Ve 1/4 3 (Josef Laufer V Roce 1969)
  78. Dlouho Žít by Karel Zich from Ani Za Nic
  79. Dlouho žít by Karel Zich from Ani za nic
  80. DLR by Inigo Kennedy from Bite back
  81. DLR by Dels from GOB
  82. Dlugie Wlosy - Live by Elektryczne Gitary from Slodka Maska
  83. Dlya tebya by Ани Лорак from Svezhachok, vol. 8 (Ukrainskie muzykal'nye novosti)
  84. Music 4 Thought by TJ from 333 Half-Evil
  85. Intro-Follow Me by TJ from Follow Me
  86. Hamed by TJ from Theo
  87. She the Show (feat. Mr Wells) by TJ from Where u Been, Where u At
  88. Tripple Double (feat. Philco) by TJ from Where u Been, Where u At
  89. Live In Love (Instrumental) by TJ from Live In Love
  90. It's On by TJ Boyce from It's On - Single
  91. It's On by TJ Boyce from It's On - Single
  92. Nothing Better Than Your Lovin - Hardsoul Radio Edit by TJ Cases from Zeroes Dance
  93. As Long by TJ Da Prynce from Why the Wait
  94. Fresh by TJ Da Prynce from Why the Wait
  95. Church - DJ Stop N Go Mix by TJ Gibson from Casanova Lounge 9 - Musical Moments of Love and Passion
  96. Hobo Jungle by TJ Murr from Roadshow Records Pro Series Compilation, Vol. 3
  97. Hangover by TJ Pompeo from Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic
  98. Intezaar by TJ Rehmi from Mera Therapy
  99. TribaL by TJ Rehmi from aRRivaL - unreleased from the last century
  100. Hero Boy by Tj Smith from Hero Boy
  101. Vibes by TJ TurnUp from Vibes
  102. 9Leben by TJ_beastboy from CY-BEAST lvl1
  103. Insomnia by TJ_beastboy from CY-BEAST lvl1
  104. Cocain by TJ, BREEZ from What The Business Is!!!
  105. Squad by Tj2nines from In EA We Trust
  106. Coded by Tjan from Coded
  107. Poetry Lost by Tjay from Poetry Lost
  108. Hold Up by TJD from Rush Money Compilation Vol. 1
  109. Same Ol' by Tjes Boogie from HellBorn - The Birth
  110. Whats up Suckaz by TJR from Onelove Sonic Boom Box 2014 (Mixed by Tigerlily & Zoolanda)
  111. What's Up Suckaz by TJR from NRG Workout
  112. Lil' Miss Thang by TJR from Another Roll Of The Dice
  113. Hey Ya by TJR from Another Roll Of The Dice
  114. Ode To Oi by TJR from Máxima FM (Vol. 14)
  115. Face Melt (Spenda C Remix) by TJR from Trap Bombs Vol. 1 (Mixed by Spenda C)
  116. Check This (feat. Fatman Scoop) by TJR from Check This (feat. Fatman Scoop)
  117. Ode to Oi by TJR from DJ Charts Austria, Vol.12
  118. TJR's Moar Cowbell Remix - TJR Remix by TJR from NYC
  119. Ear Worm by TJR from Aciiieeed! No. 29
  120. Grand Entrance by Tjuan from 80's Babies (The Mixtape) Hosted By DJ Vlad
  121. Guld by Tjuvjakt from okokokokokokok
  122. 1Q by The Cred from CRED
  123. 1Q84 by Samoyed from Saturday
  124. 1Question - Instrumental by 7 Days Of Funk from 7 Days Instrumentals
  125. 1Question (Instrumental) by 7 Days Of Funk from 7 Days Instrumentals
  126. 3h du by Kaz Harry from Constellation
  127. Zbíjačka by Santiago from Srdce Ulice I.
  128. Zbedny Balast by Kasia Klich from Kobieta-Szpieg
  129. Zbieg z krainy dreszczowców by Lao Che from Wiedza o społeczeństwie
  130. Zbog nas by Sergej Cetkovic from Hitovi leta 2013 / vol 2
  131. Zbog Tebe by Mandi from Tako Lako
  132. Zbogom, odlazim by Louis from Evo me opet
  133. Zbortene harfy ton, zasleho veku dej by Support Lesbiens from Maj - Soundtrack
  134. Zbroja by Jacek Kaczmarski from Live
  135. Zbura by Venitez from Let's Get Deeper, Vol. 8
  136. Zbych by Mezo from Mezokracja
  137. Zbyt Dużo Bólu Feat. Pih by PIH from Na Serio
  138. Zbyt Wiele feat. Cheeba & Wdowa by Kaen from Piątek 13-go
  139. Human Nations - Radio Edit by 89ers from Human Nations / Jump With Me
  140. Go Go Go Go! - Ti-Mo Remix Edit by 89ers from Go Go Go Go!
  141. Human Nations (Radio Edit) by 89ers from Yeah Boy!
  142. Go Go Go Go! - Ti-Mo Remix by 89ers from Go Go Go Go!
  143. R3birth by Soatz from Explosive Electro Bad Beats (feat. Geert)
  144. R3dd Room by 3xotic from Hidd3n Colors
  145. Spreepark by Hi & Saberhägen from Permanent Vacation 4
  146. Stereo Flava's (Rasmus Faber Instrumental) by Hi Fi Mike from HOUSEPARTY vol.1
  147. Stereo Flava's (Rasmus Faber Remix) by Hi Fi Mike from My House is Your House Vol.2
  148. Stereo Flavas - Rasmus Faber Remix by Hi Fi Mike from Rasmus Faber - Reworks Vol. 1
  149. M.G.C. by Hi Fi Spitfires from England Screaming
  150. Orion - Hassio (COL) Detroit Mix by Hi Hat from Orion


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